Bio - BillSchmitz
One step out of an airplane in late 2003 may have been the biggest step I’ve ever taken and responsible for forever altering the course of my life. Now, ten years later and over 4000 jumps, I have built up what was once a hobby into a successful career. Throughout this decade, one thing has remained and that is my passion for this great sport of skydiving.

In 2007 I put a camera on my helmet and immediately fell in love with capturing skydives in photographs and video. I filmed everything I could over the next couple years from small teams up to large formations of 100 plus people. In 2011 I joined Arizona Airspeed in the camera slot and began training and competing hard for 2 years. During that time we won every skydiving competition we entered and we became 2 time National Champions as well as members of the US Skydiving Team. At the end of 2012 we competed in the World Championships in Dubai, winning the Gold Medal in 4-way FS in what was one of the most fierce competitions in formation skydiving history.
With the world championship medal and satisfaction of my 2 years as a member of Arizona Airspeed, I returned to Skydive Arizona where I am currently doing many of the things I love every day. My time is now divided between being a tunnel instructor full time, a skydiving coach, as well as doing camera and organizing for various events. I live a life full of excitement and get to make my living doing what I love the most!
NKP-HTC Commercial-PJ-22small
Above: Prepping a shot during the filming of the 
HTC One skydiving commercial.
Photo courtesy of PJ Jackson
Bill Schmitz-5651
Filming from an R44 helicoptor over the Arizona desert.
Photo courtesy of Ian Mackenzie

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